MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcing
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MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcing
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MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcing
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MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcing
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MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcing
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MetalPoint Corporation
reinvent your metal sourcings
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About us


Reinvent Your Metal Sourcing.

MetalPoint established with the view to emphasis on supply of authentic material to the customer. Our Head Office based in Mumbai with highly qualified specialists for all sales activities with robust support from our Branch Offices located in major cities.
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Complete Range Of Metal Grades

Nickel Alloys
Titanium / Other Alloys
Super Duplex
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Copper / Aluminium Alloys
Products Offered by MetalPoint Corporation

Pipes/ Tubes / U Tube / Piping Spools

Seamless / Welded Pipes
Seamless / Welded Tubes
U-Tubes As per ASTM Standard
Isometric Piping Spools
In Full Lengths or Any Fixed Lengths as per your requirement

Seamless / Welded / Butt Weld / Forged Fittings

Reducers – Concentric and Eccentric
Tees – Equal and Unequal
Elbows, LR and SR, 90º or 45º, Nipples, eg. Swage Nipples Bends 180º Caps, Stub End, Weldolets, Threadolets etc. Bushing Coupling Unions


Weld Neck, Slip-on Weld,
Lap Joint, Threaded,
Blind, Socket Weld
Orifice Spectacle Blind
Long Weld Neck


Billets & Black Bars Tube sheet Bushes Shafts Discs According to Customer Specs / Drawing 500kg to 5000kg size Sizes up to 3 Meter Dia. Hot forged or ring rolled Hot finished, rough machined or finished machined Heat Treatment as per process demands or Customer Specs.

Bars / Tie Rods

Round Hexagonal Hollow Square
In Random Lengths or cut to size Hot
Forged or Rolled, Cold Drawn Hot Finished, Rough Machined or to close tolerance

Plates / Sheets / Coils

Hot Rolled Plates
Cold Rolled Plates
Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled Coils
Sheared, Plasma- Laser- or Water-jet Cut

Clad plates - Cost effective solutions for better corrosion and high resolution

There are two different production processes to manufacture clad plates: Roll Bonding and Explosion Bonding. Clad steel plates are composed of two or more different materials called Base Metal (usually Carbon Steel or Alloy Steel) and cladding metal (CRA including Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys , etc.). For Complex Process Demands and Design Requirements Clad Plates is an Ideal choice due to various advantages it offers; such as – Low Cost, High Strength, Better Corrosion Resistant, Light Weight & Superior Thermal / Electric Conductivity. Clad Plates give overall properties, which are much better than properties of individual plates taken alone. Manufacturing is normally as per various standards which includes ASME SA 263, SA 264, SA 265 & for this compliance all test such as Tensile, Sheer, Hardness, Impact & Bend test are done. Material combination can be as per client’s requirement or as per process / design demands. Clad Plates can be offered in various material combinations. Clad steel plate is a composite steel plate combining distinct advantages of two different metals to achieve:

  • Excellent Strength Or Properties You Need
  • Stable Performance Or Cost Reduction
MetalPoint Corporation

Technical Information

Material Grade & Details

Material Grade & Details

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Pipes Schedule /Diameter /Wall Thickness/Weight & Material Trademark

Pipes Schedule /Diameter /Wall Thickness/Weight & Material Trademark

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UNS equivalent details of metals

UNS equivalent details of metals

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MetalPoint Corporation

Quality Credentials

At MetalPoint, strong point is the quality of the products we supply to our customers, from Mills who have complete inhouse test facilities and ISO /PED/TUV approval certification. From the time order is received utmost attention is given to your quality requirements, which is fully addressed by Destructive / Non-Destructive / Mechanical Testing to correctly assess the quality of all items covered by client’s purchase orders.

We specialise in offering products demanding most stringent requirements of standards and for special requirements we offer Inspection Including Witness of Testing , if needed, by reputed TPI Agencies which can include BVQI, TUV, Lloyds, EIL etc who can your Inspection Certification as per EN 3.1 or EN3.2 etc. This ensure zero rejection and full acceptance / suitability of products to our customer’s needs.

All requirements are manufactured and offered in full compliance with client specific QAP, which indicates elaborate tests at different stages and hold point, if needed, for the client to give clearance to move forward. Given below is brief preview of some the Tests as an Example, which can change for Customer to Customer or from Product to Product, as the case may be. 


Flattening test

EN ISO 8492 / ASTM A370

Drift Expanding test

EN ISO 8493

Reverse Flattening test


Flange test


Flaring Test


Reverse Weld Bend test

EN ISO 5173 / ASTM A370


Hardness test

ASTM E92 / UNI EN ISO 6507

Microhardness test

EN ISO 6507 / ASTM E384

Tensile Test

ASTM E8 / EN ISO 6892-1

Hot Tension Test

EN ISO 6892-2 / ASTM E21

Burst test


Eddy Current Testing

EN ISO 10893-1 /

EN ISO 10893-2

 ASTM E426 /

ASTM E309 / ASTM E571

Ultrasonic Test (UT)

EN ISO 10893-10 / EN

ISO 10893-11 / ASTM E213

Air Under Water Test (AUW)

ASTM A1016

Differential Air Pressure Test

ASTM A1047 / EN1779


ASTM G28 Pr.A / B / C / D / E / F



Austenite/ferrite balance

ASTM E562 / ASTM E1245

Grain Size Determination


Positive Material Identification


Macrographic analysis